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Grace Winter Dental Promotion!

Dental health is one of the most overlooked, even neglected,  areas of pet healthcare.    We love our furry family members and we want them to live long healthy lives as our companions.   One of the best ways to accomplish this is by keeping their gums and teeth in the best condition possible – starting when they are young.   It is a simple task to address minor oral health issues  (gingivitis,  tartar, bad breath from infection) when these problems are just beginning.   For all pets your veterinarian recommends yearly professional dental cleanings.  During this dental cleaning your veterinarian will make sure there are no problems arising that need to be fixed before they become an emergency.  A pet “dental”  involves an assessment of oral health,  treating any diseased teeth,  ultrasonic scaling to remove tartar and address problems just beneath the gumline, and polishing to keep the enamel smooth to reduce plaque germ attachment to the teeth.   For senior pets we recommend twice yearly dental cleanings – just like our own dentists recommend.   

At Grace Animal Hospital we take pet dental health seriously.    We know that poor oral health has shortened the lives of many animals.   Broken teeth, loose teeth,  gum disease  (periodontitis) and tooth root abscesses cause chronic pain and often leave our pets suffering in silence.   We want to proactively address this problem.   

To help encourage better pet dental health we are providing a discount on all professional dental cleanings (“Dentals”) from December 2016 through February 2017.   Please call 590-1230 to schedule your pet’s dental cleaning and oral health assessment.   All dentals are performed Monday through Friday.   If you have questions about your pet’s dental needs please discuss this with the veterinarians and pet nurses at Grace Animal Hospital.   We look forward to caring for your companions!

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